Real Estate

One way or the other, property, is the hub of almost everybody's day-to-day existence. It's the place you live, where you work, the place on which you pay mortgage or rent, probably your biggest personal expense. Conveyancing is the legal word for managing and processing the legal aspects of buying and selling involving the transfer of property both commercial as well as residential, which has always been so complicated. Our aim is to balance legal caution with the opportunity to win a commercial advantage.

Structured finance and the establishment of funds is at the core of our Real Estate Practice, as the development of innovative fund structures, allowing investors tax-efficient, flexible, direct and indirect real estate investment opportunities, has transformed the property investment arena in the last few years.

We provide legal and commercial advice to investors, developers, landlords and tenants focusing on their business requirements. We represent both, corporate commercial and private property owners, in handling commercial and domestic purchases and sales, mortgages, gifts and leasehold transactions. We draft lease deeds, sale or purchase deeds, mortgage deeds, title deeds and gift deeds.